Business Tax Services

Step into financial success with Menjar Financial’s unparalleled tax services!
Our expert team ensures a seamless tax preparation experience,
setting the stage for fiscal triumph.

We also offer a comprehensive suite of services including personalized advisory,
meticulous bookkeeping, and hassle-free payroll management.

Partner with Menjar Financial for complete financial wellness beyond taxes.

Business Tax Prep

For LLC’s, Partnerships
& Corps

Starting at
$ 750+
  • Business Tax Services:
  • Federal & State Tax Preparation
  • Electronic Filing
  • Audit & Identity Protection

Pro Advisory & Tax

Ideal for businesses that do their
bookkeeping in-house

Starting at
$ 190+ / per month
  • Business Tax Services + Pro Advisory:
  • Monthly/quarterly review meetings with a dedicated accounting advisor
  • Ad hoc advice for accounting treatment, rules and addressing other related concerns

Elite Business Support

Ideal for businesses looking for
full accounting support

Starting at
$ 415+ / per month
  • Business Tax Services + Bookkeeping* + Master Advisory:
  • Monthly/quarterly review meetings with a dedicated CPA
  • Strategic advice to meet business needs
  • Tax Deadline Accountability (income, sales, payroll, other)
  • Annual Tax Planning

*Pricing based on starter bookkeeping services. Learn more


Let’s break it down with a dash of enthusiasm! Think of a CPA as your financial wingman. They’ll swoop in to conquer tax complexities, leaving you more time to focus on what you do best, like growing your business. Need to navigate the labyrinth of tax codes and compliance? No worries, your CPA’s got you covered. They’ll assist with tasks like managing financial records, making strategic decisions, and finding valuable tax deductions. So, why not team up with a CPA to make your business journey a whole lot smoother?

Menjar Financial is your go-to CPA choice. With expertise, personalized service, and year-round support, we’re here to help. If you run a business, we’ve got your back with growth insights, compliance, and more. Our hassle-free process ensures efficiency, and we guarantee peace of mind by maximizing deductions. Plus, you can earn referral rewards. Trust Menjar Financial to make your financial dreams a reality. Get started today!

Bookkeeping is not just an IRS necessity; it also yields valuable decision-making benefits. It guarantees precise financial records for tax compliance, maximizing deductions and simplifying IRS audits. At Menjar Financial, our customized bookkeeping packages not only fulfill these requirements but also provide critical financial insights for informed decision-making. Trust us to enhance your financial efficiency, reduce tax liabilities, and boost your business’s success.

We begin with a friendly chat to understand your unique needs and expectations. Since everyone’s tax situation is one-of-a-kind, we believe in hearing directly from you to provide top-notch personalized tax filing services. You can set up a complimentary introductory consultation after creating an account here.

Here’s how our process unfolds:

Step One: We’ll connect you with the perfect team member, your new personal accountant.

Step Two: You’ll securely upload your tax information to our portal.

Step Three: We’ll kick things off and, if necessary, reach out for any clarifications to ensure we maximize your deductions.

Step Four: Once your tax return is ready, you’ll have the chance to review and e-sign it, and your refund will be deposited directly into your bank account.

It’s so hassle-free that you’ll want to shout it from the rooftops! And if your enthusiasm leads one of your friends to use our tax services, we’ll even reward you with a referral credit.