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We become a strategic partner to your business, helping you focus on growth while we manage your tax, financial, and compliance needs.

Our services include tax preparation, planning, bookkeeping, and payroll.


  • Federal & State Business Tax Preparation
  • Balance Sheet Reporting
  • New York City Local Filings
  • K-1 Preparation


650+ / Mo
  • Everything in Business Tax Preparation, plus
  • Monthly Bookkeeping
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Cloud Accounting (QBO) Subscription
  • Personal Tax Preparation
  • Quarterly Estimated Taxes
  • Year-end Tax Projection
  • Annual Tax Strategy Review

As a business owner you’re responsible for a complex set of tax, legal, and regulatory requirements. These responsibilities can differ at the federal, state, and local level, and mistakes can be costly and jeopardize the operations of your business.

Working with our firm gives you the confidence that your business’ tax requirements are met, optimized to your benefit, and you’ll be able to tap us for guidance on complex decisions. Liebert & Associates provides more than just professional tax services – we become an integral part of your business team.

All entity types require some form of a business tax return. Our business pricing is designed for entities which file separately from an owner’s personal return:

  • Freelancers/Sole proprietors – File on your personal return
  • LLC (single member) – File on your personal return
  • LLC (multi-member) – File a separate 1065
  • Partnerships – File a separate 1065
  • S Corps – File a separate 1120S
  • C Corps – File a separate 1120
While our headquarters is based in NYC, we work with businesses across the country and understand the nuances and implications of your state’s laws and tax codes.

The IRS requires that every business maintains an accurate set of financial records (e.g., “books”), which serve as a baseline for tracking income, expenses, balance sheet and equity transactions.

Some of our clients handle the books themselves, diligently and accurately recording monthly transactions. However, most clients find that time spent worrying about bookkeeping is time not spent growing your business.

We provide comprehensive tax and bookkeeping packages to match your needs as a business owner.

We like to start every relationship with a conversation to make sure we’re meeting your needs & expectations. Everyone’s tax situation is unique and to provide you the best quality business tax filing services, we want to hear directly from you. You can schedule a free intro consultation here

  1. We’ll pair with you with the right team member who will become your new personal accountant
  2. You’ll upload your tax info to our secure portal
  3. We’ll get hustling and reach out with any questions to make sure we’re maximizing your deductions
  4. After your return is ready you’ll be able to review, e-sign, and your refund will be deposited directly into your bank account

It’s so easy you’ll brag to all of your friends! And if one of your friends ends up using our tax services, we’ll give you money back for a referral credit 🙂

We’re here for you 12 months a year, not just during tax season. Whether you have a simple tax question, need advice on the tax implications of a business investment, or want clarification on a pesky letter from the IRS, our tax professionals are here to help! Our goal is not only to provide you with quality business tax services, but to help you feel confident that your business finances are in good hands.

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